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Cairo Metal Trade

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Cairo Metal Trade is a privately owned independent metal trading company, specialized in the supply of different metal products. Cairo Metal Trade is a leading distributor and importer of finished and semi-finished steel as prime, excess and secondary metal products. The company also provides services such as financing and logistic solutions. We have a worldwide […]

Agro House

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Agro house is an Egyptian company that has its scope in the field of vegetables and fruits exportation, a company that seeks long-term relationships worldwide that are built upon a reputable position among companies in the same scope. We are a supplier of Egyptian fresh produce to markets around the world. We grow a wide […]

Connecting bridges (CBCo.)

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Connecting bridges Company (CBCo.) for marketing and organizing conferences is one of the specialized companies in organizing conferences in Egypt and abroad, the company has organized several specialized conferences in Egypt.


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All companies have computers to some of the friendly computer networks and applications in different and many of these companies have a small number of computers, which makes the task of managing this difficult setups either hire an engineer specialized computer automation company suitable efficiency which is costly for the number of existing hardware or […]

Egyptian American House

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Egyptian American House of Art & Design is a U.S. Corporation established in the Year 2009 based in long island in the state of New York with a regional office located in Cairo – Egypt in addition to two workshops at the suburbs of Cairo.

EHS Egypt

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The Egyptian Society of Cardiology, concerned with the preliminary results of the Egyptian National Hypertension Project, approved in March 1993 a proposal presented by Prof. M. Mohsen Ibrahim, the Principal Investigator of NHP, to establish the Egyptian Hypertension League (EHL), as a branch of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology.


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PETROLEAD, is a joint Stock Company with issuance capital of 1 Million EGP established in 2013. We are a company of young engineers skillful management expertise who are aiming to satisfy the oil services market with up to date product which will meet corporate goals.

How To Wooow

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How To Wooow is your one-stop online shop in Egypt for all your needs. We offer a wide selection of products, bringing them right to your doorstep. Our easy-to-navigate portal offers unparalleled convenience with fast shipping across Egypt. Most customers receive their orders within three to six days of submitting them.


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Horizon, was founded to provide reliable and high quality contracting work with professional project management dedicated to support the telecom vendors in their mission to timely meet their projects deadlines governed by Win-Win methodologies to sustain an ongoing portfolio of successful and profitable projects with consistent excellent performance.

Arab Expert

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يسعد مركز الخبراء العرب أن يتقدم لكم بخطة تدريبية متطورة تلبي احتياجات هيئاتنا ومؤسساتنا العربية بمختلف تخصصاتها وتواكب احدث وأهم المتغيرات التطورات والتحديات التي يشهدها العالم اليوم في مختلف المجالات الإدارية وتنمية الموارد البشرية ، وبشكل ومضمون جديد ومتميز ، يرتكز أساسا علي المتدرب بوصفه محور الاهتمام وأساس العملية التدريبية .

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