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Top Performing Hosting Plans For Your Business

Whether you are new to hosting or an experienced web master, you will be pleased by both High Quality Hosting plans.

Our pro-active approach to uptime makes us one of the most reliable providers in the industry.

Basic Plan

$70 per year
1 GB Web Space
20 GB Monthly Traffic
100 E-mail Accounts
Up to 2 GB E-mail Quota
10 Database
Unlimited Sub-Domains

Ultimate Business

$150 per year
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Up to 10 GB E-mail Quota
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Sub-Domains

Business Plan

$100 per year
2 GB Web Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
2500 E-mail Accounts
Up to 5 GB E-mail Quota
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Sub-Domains

Our Hosting solutions include:

Small managed hosting accounts for business and personal use.

Our data centers are located in Europe and the USA. Dedicated Servers for the advanced technical gurus who want to maintain their own servers.

We employ a distributed service architecture, with servers configured to do one thing, and to do it well.

Many companies will host a variety of services on a single server, This means that the server cannot focus its resources on any particular task, but must, instead, provide adequate performance across a wide range of functions.

Instead of wasting resources in this manner to save a few bucks, we devote each server to a specific task, and optimize the server for that task.

Domain Names

We also provide any domain names registry or transfer your domain to our servers.

Regional Domains

$60 per year

Basic Domains

Best prices
$13 per year

New Domains

$40 per year